Tips Franchise Owners Can Use to Stay Productive | Just Between Friends Franchise Development

We all want to be productive throughout our days, but for many, putting that desire into practice can be a challenge.

In a world that is constantly on the move and filled with some rather fun and not-so-fun distractions, it’s easy to stray from your tasks. Fortunately, getting back on track and remaining productive is made a bit easier with these tips.

Staying Productive Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

From sunup to sundown, the work of a franchisee is never done. There are many things to manage, including finances, employees, clients, etc., and all of these things could start to seem a bit overwhelming.

Staying on track and keeping your productive side on task isn’t always easy, but, there are some essential productivity tips that can be applied no matter the business you’re in:

1. Focusing on one task at a time. You may think you are a champion of multitasking, but that may not necessarily be the best thing for your productivity. We know that multitasking can actually decrease efficiency and work quality, as it bombards your mind with too many thoughts as well as increases the production of the stress hormone cortisol. Keep your mental clarity about you and try to consolidate your tasks. Run work-related errands and focus on a single task at a time. Keep a checklist and cross things off as you go.

2. Eliminating as many distractions as possible. Distractions come in many forms, including interruptions by employees or technology. Is your smartphone proving too distracting with the opportunities to check in online, browse Facebook or play a game? Do yourself a favor and try to keep it out of sight when working. Having it just out of reach is an easy way to avoid the temptation but will also keep it available to answer incoming calls.

3. Prioritizing and delegating tasks. It’s easy to think success is resting entirely on your shoulders, but that simply isn’t the case! You need to learn to entrust tasks to your employees—after all, you hired them. Your productivity can be directly connected to the overall team and learning how to properly prioritize and delegate tasks amongst your team members is vital.

4. Getting enough sleep. Do you think being productive means long hours and less sleep? That thought process could prove detrimental to your entrepreneurial grind in the end. Missing out on sleep can greatly impact your mental capacities and even your physical health. Without the proper rest, you could see diminished or almost non-existent concentration, elevated stress levels, mood swings and poor problem-solving capabilities. Health-wise, it could lead to heart problems, weight issues and hormonal imbalances. Key point: Get those Zzzs!

Productivity is always a concern for franchise and small business owners, but you can stay on task and get even more done by following these tips. If you haven’t fully explored the possibilities provided by a franchise business, Just Between Friends would love to discuss them with you.