As an organization that prides itself on giving back to the community, encouraging women’s success in business and improving the lives of everyone that comes into contact with the Just Between Friends brand, we are over the moon excited to share with you some recent recognition that Just Between Friends has received: Just Between Friends Wins IFA’s Innovation and Impact Award IFA’s Innovation and Impact Award is designed to honor a franchise that uses creative ways to impact their community and provide charitable support to those in need. Read on →

One of the biggest benefits of being a Just Between Friends franchisee is the flexibility it offers you—especially in the fact that you get to work from home! While being your own boss and creating your own schedule can be exciting, it is normal for people to have concerns about the transition if this will be their first time working from home. In order to help you succeed and be as productive as possible, we have assembled some of our favorite work from home productivity tips to keep you going all day long! Read on →

From studies linking social activity to longer lifespans to the overall feel-good effect of chatting with your bestie after a long week, having a supportive community of people you trust is important to your overall happiness. As it turns out, it can be essential for your overall success as a franchise owner, too! Relationships With the Local Community Impact Franchisee Success While being a franchisee is a great way to boost your local economy, it is a great way to get involved with your community as well. Read on →

If you are considering entering into the world of franchising, you likely already know that there are many perks. Operating your own business and becoming more active in your community are exciting opportunities, but in order to be successful, it is important to be sure you are ready to take on the project of managing yourself—a.k.a. being your own boss. Being your own boss allows you quite a bit of freedom, but can be an adjustment as you get used to not having a traditional leadership structure for your workload. Read on →

We all want to be productive throughout our days, but for many, putting that desire into practice can be a challenge. In a world that is constantly on the move and filled with some rather fun and not-so-fun distractions, it’s easy to stray from your tasks. Fortunately, getting back on track and remaining productive is made a bit easier with these tips. Staying Productive Doesn’t Have to Be Hard From sunup to sundown, the work of a franchisee is never done. Read on →

We’ve all been there – the day in and day out rigamarole of going to a job half-heartedly and knowing deep down that this just isn’t where you are meant to be. Yes, you have a purpose, but this simply isn’t it. Fortunately, the opportunity to branch out on a new career adventure can help bring back the focus on your goals and true purpose! Signs it’s Time to Move on to the Next Adventure The signs that you should be looking toward a new and exciting career change can be both physical and emotional, as our bodies often know what our brains are processing and fixating on. Read on →

What is Franchising? Franchising is becoming more widespread because it allows people to run their own business but also provides the backing of corporate organizations that will guide you through important business decisions. It’s ultimately the best of both worlds; you get to be your own boss but you have more security than you would if you started your own business. What’s Next? When you become interested in owning a franchise, a lot of questions come up. Read on →

If you are interested in being a Just Between Friends (JBF) franchisee, first of all, we are excited to help you on this journey. Secondly, we are so excited to help you make a lasting impact on your community, so you can continue to thrive with each event you host. When you have a territory with JBF, the events you run will be a positive thing for you, those who attend, and the community as a whole. Read on →

If you’re considering buying a Just Between Friends (JBF) franchise, you’re likely weighing your options and carefully considering whether you should franchise or launch your own start-up. At JBF, we get it. This is a big decision for you and your family. You want to make sure you’re making the right choice. You need good information to make that choice and we want you to have it. That’s why our team has put together an overview of the benefits of franchising—and what you stand to gain as a JBF franchisee. Read on →

You’re officially a Just Between Friends (JBF) franchisee. Congratulations, friend—we’re beyond excited (and honored!) to have you on board! As a JBF franchisee, you’re uniquely positioned for success. But as we all know, success is never guaranteed. Ultimately, you hold the keys to your business’ success—and we believe in you! Though the success of your JBF franchise is largely up to you, the JBF franchise team is here to support you every step of the way—even after start-up. Read on →